Result from European Commission one week away!

The GTS Foundation is trying hard to get funding from EU Horizon 2020 through the FET OPEN calls, Future and Emerging Technologies, Open to any novel and plausible technology off the roadmap.

Five proposals have been submitted, from 2015 to spring 2018. Our focus on FET OPEN depends on the fact that no other research funding programme is so wide open to "disruptive but plausible concepts". The "DNA" of GTS is precisely that.

The GTS Foundation submitted the latest application on May 15, 2018. Now it's about 1 week left to the result. We at the GTS Foundation really hope for an even better result than it came in February, 4.45 out of 5.

So keep an eye on the website within a week.

Whatever the outcome, we will continue to work for a more developed transport system in Sweden and Europe.

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