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Välkommen till vår trafikblogg! Vi tror att ett helt nytt, generellt transportsystem (GTS) behövs. Ett som kan tävla med våra gamla vägar och järnvägar. Ett sådant system skulle använda de bästa egenskaperna från bilen och kollektivtrafiken, men undvika deras nackdelar. Nya tekniska förutsättningar ska utnyttjas till fullo. Resor kan då utföras utan byten, tidtabeller, energislöseri, förbränningsavgaser, partikelutsläpp, P-bekymmer, tidsspillan, körkort, färdtjänst, förare, buller, dödsfall och personskador. Totalkostnaden skulle därtill troligen bli hälften medan hastigheten fördubblas! Transporternas kvalitativa utveckling har nu varit som förstenad i minst 100 år. Bilen är 100 år och järnvägen 200 år som uppfinningar. Jämför transporternas utveckling med IT-utvecklingen och biotekniken! Vi tycker att samhället formligen skriker - oartikulerat - efter avgörande innovationer på transportområdet – är vi tokiga?

25 April 2017. Snow blizzard in Sweden, one foot snow on the roads 200 km north of Stockholm. Cars and buses crash. All car-drivers, who have changed to summer tyres, are asked not to drive. ! GTS will be independent of snow, rain or any climatic conditions due to the elevated and suspended technology.

GTS - A Foundational Breakthrough for Mobility

From the video Bubbles and Beams 2008, by courtesy of SIKA

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It will take some time to digest this - prepare yourself ☺ !

6 October 2017
In June we got a much higher score on our proposal GTSMAG than ever before.
We have now submitted our 5th application for inventing a novel and sustainable general solution to almost all our mobility and freight - a General Transport System - GTS. The application GTSTEC aims for the EU Horizon 2020 research call FET OPEN - Future and Emerging Technologies, which is OPEN to any foundational and plausible new concept.

The GTSTEC application involves a consortium with around 40 researchers, engineers, architects, transport analysts and designers from five EU-countries, requesting a total budget of 3.3 M€. The evaluation period will end in late Februrary 2018. In case of acceptance the first invention period will last two - three years until 2021. See more under EU application where you also can click-open our application.

Perspectives in transport technology and functionality are blurred by an intertwining between vested interests and the unimaginative view on how mobility could be enhanced. The view is deliberately or unconsciously upheld by actors such as investors, established researchers, lobbyists, politicians, government officials, journalists and - common man.

The standard "roadmap" in transportation is the need for rubber wheels to ensure safe friction on a ground of asphalt, concrete or gravel, alternatively steel wheels-to-steel rails in railways. The hype around autonomous auto-mobiles, whether self-driving or driverless cars, addresses the need for an alert driver. Gridlocks, noise, particles, energy and infrastructure costs are to a large extent forgotten.

Another essence of standard transportation is the split between public and private travel causing multiple inefficiencies. You have to be an alert driver in a car, prepared to stop anywhere for traffic-lights or emergencies etc; in public transport you have to adjust to time-tables, changes and stops in many places between home and your destination.

NON-STOP "60/24/7"
GTS addresses all essential drawbacks in standard transportation. By electro-magnetic propulsion, braking, switching and platooning we are able to move automatically, by low or high speed, privately or publicly in comfortable cabins from start to destination, non-stop and anytime "60/24/7".

At this homepage we inform about our concept and the proceedings of the evaluation. If you have questions please don´t hesitate to address them to us by ordinary electronic mail or telephone call, see addresses under Contact and CV.